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Custom Website and Graphic Design
With an increasingly online and computer savvy clientele, every business should consider it’s online presence. Halcyon Digital has been designing websites since 1998. Give us a chance to get to know your business and we promise to work with you until what you see on your website best represents your business/personal entity.

Don’t know the first thing about websites? No problem! Let us take care of the hassle of registering a domain name, setting up hosting, and creating/updating your website.

Don’t want to spend money on frequent website updates? Let us help you by setting up a CONTENT MANAGEMENT solution that seamlessly integrates into any site design.

Have a pie-in-the-sky idea for a website that provides custom functionality to your users? Let us bring our coding wizardry to bear. Chances are we’ve already implemented something similar, and can help you flesh out your idea.
Solutions for Data Backup
Nothing is worse than realizing that years of your business’ crucial data has been lost forever. Let Halcyon Digital help you sleep at night by implementing a rock solid backup solution for your business.

We strongly recommend to our customers a two-tiered backup solution with both local backups to tape/disk and an online, cloud-based remote backup. Both are way more affordable than most people realize, and the results are a backup solution that allows you to quickly retrieve lost data from local backups, or in the worst case scenario, pull down your files from a safe, secure, and off-site data center.
Windows Desktop Programming
Have a repetitive, labor intensive task you perform on your computer? Chances are we can automate that process, saving you enough time and money to find something more creative to do with your resources.

Halcyon Digital’s long experience with Microsoft’s .NET technology allows us to leverage powerful tools without the glacial development speeds usually associated with desktop programming. In other words, we can get big things done in little time, making the figure on our invoice to you seem little as well!
Fully Integrated Content Management
Do you want to be able to have a gorgeous website with dynamic content without having to know HTML, use a clunky HTML editor like Dreamweaver, or pay a web design firm money every time you need to make a content update? Let Halcyon Digital implement a content management solution for you, so that all you have to do is log into a secure section of your website, edit your content like a Word document, and click “Save.”

We’re happy to take existing websites and seamlessly integrate our content management system, so that your customers never know the difference. We’re also happy to help you create templates for existing content management systems like Joomla, or even blogging platforms like Wordpress or Blogger.
Professional Database Design
Data is the life blood of any modern business. Sometimes, keeping track of this data in an efficient way can be a daunting task. Do you file your client contact info under the client’s name or with the name of the project? With a good database design, you can do both.

Halcyon Digital has years of experience with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. Allow us to evaluate your data needs, and we’ll recommend the best tool for the job, implement a solid database design, and migrate your data.
Custom iPhone Apps
Do you need your employees to be able to securely check or update information on the go? Do you have a killer idea for a new iPhone app? Allow Halcyon Digital to help you own a slice of the mobile app gold-rush.

We also specialize in making web-apps for mobile phones, so that your clients don't necessarily have to own iPhones, but can access the mobile-optimized version of your site on their Android or Blackberry devices as well.
Virus and Malware Removal
Unfortunately, we share the internet with those who would hijack your computer and use it toward nefarious ends. These cyber-creeps are very good at what they do, but fortunately, Halcyon Digital has years of experience eradicating tough virii and malware infections.

If you live in the Nacogdoches/Lufkin, Texas area and don't want to haul your computer to the nearest brick-and-mortar computer shop, give us the opportunity to visit you on-site and whip your computer back into shape.
Secure and Optimal Networking
Need ethernet cable run throughout your business or residence? Want your employees and clients to have access to secure WiFi? Allow Halcyon Digital to ensure your access to a fast, efficient, and secure network.

Halcyon Digital has experience with implementing everything from residential WiFi to fiber-optic connected data centers.
Online Home Entertainment Installation
More and more home entertainment systems are cutting loose from their cable subscriptions and joining the internet entertainment revolution. Want to experience internet-streaming movies and television shows on your big-screen TV, but have no idea how to set it all up? Give us a chance and we'll have you couch-surfing in no time.

Halcyon Digital has experience setting up Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee, XBox Media Center, Windows Media Center, and more. We can take care of the hassle of ordering the correct video card, HDMI cables, and setting everything up so that all you have to do is relax.
Computer Hardware Repair
Have a failed hard drive, bad memory, or a fried motherboard? Let us take a look and help you decide whether to patch up your old computer or purchase a new one.

If you decide to repair your old machine, allow us to order the parts, install, and test them. Let us install your operating system, back-up and restore your data, and get you back on your feet.
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